Odebrecht Transport

Commitment to Sustainability Our commitment to sustainability is present in the principles and values of Odebrecht Entrepreneurial Technology (TEO) and therefore the businesses of Odebrecht TransPort

The references for sustainable practices are established in the Sustainability Policy, in force since August 2015. For the company, environmental responsibility means doing business in a way that generates positive results for all stakeholders whilst promoting the right for future generations to have better living standards than they do currently.

Public commitments

In 2016, Odebrecht TransPort signed up to Ethos Institute and its Business Compact for integrity and combating corruption based on the idea of building a fair and sustainable society and promoting business ethics and integrity by eradicating bribery and corruption. The Ethos Indicators were applied to the holding company Odebrecht TransPort and we joined the entity’s Anticorruption Group.

Under the United Nations Global Compact, we joined the anticorruption work group and the engagement and communications commission. In 2016 we participated in the translation of the document about the State of Law and the preparation of the document Preventing Corruption - a Guide for Businesses, created by the Alliance for Integrity in partnership with the Global Compact.