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Odebrecht Entrepreneurial Technology

A set of principles, concepts and criteria focused on education and work, Odebrecht Entrepreneurial Technology (TEO) provides the ethical and conceptual basis for all Odebrecht Group Employees’ activities.

It values human potential, such as the propensity to serve others, the capacity and desire for self betterment and the drive to excel. Its application enables Odebrecht team members to do their work with unified thinking, a common strategic direction and consistent actions, making it possible to meet the needs of their Clients, add value to the Shareholders’ assets, reinvest the results achieved and grow on multiple fronts.

The TEO principles and concepts can be seen at www.odebrecht-transport.com/empresa/tecnologia-empresarial-odebrecht

Odebrecht Group

Founded in 1944, Odebrecht is a Brazilian multinational. It carries out innovative and sustainable projects of importance to the economic and social development of the communities, regions and countries it operates in.

Odebrecht S.A. is the privately owned holding company of Odebrecht Group. It manages investments in 10 diversified businesses, each of which has its own corporate governance system and is financially and operationally self-sufficient.

Each Business consists of several Small Firms. They are operational units responsible for providing services, producing or delivering infrastructure works directly for individual clients or the communities they serve, benefiting millions of people in Brazil and around the world. Odebrecht teams also work in voluntary programs focused on productive social inclusion and the preservation of local natural and cultural heritage.

In 2016 Odebrecht was plunged into an ethical and institutional crisis triggered by the Public Prosecutor’s Office investigation into Petrobras as part of Operation Car Wash. We drew on the mistakes made and lessons learned to start from scratch and make a new Group, focused on ethics, integrity and transparency.

Our Sectors

  • • Agroindustrial (sugar, ethanol and electricity)
  • • Environmental (water and sewage)
  • • Engineering and Construction
  • • Real Estate
  • • Shipbuilding
  • • Oil and gas
  • • Chemical and petrochemical
  • • Transportation and logistics (urban mobility, highways, ports and airports)


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Odebrecht TransPort

Odebrecht TransPort develops, builds, operates and invests in projects in the areas of urban mobility, highways, ports, airports and integrated logistics systems.

We are engaged in helping transform Brazil’s infrastructure through transparency and integrity, in accordance with the Odebrecht commitment and the compliance policy approved in 2016.

Our services make people’s lives better and make companies more productive.

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Where we operate

2016 Headlines


The Tom Jobim International Airport delivers a new pier, a new multistorey car park, accessibility facilities, double the commercial area, new flight routes, a new RIOgaleão operations center and automatic access to departure rooms and passport control.

RIOgaleão in the Rio 2016 Summer Olympics

61 thousand

Olympic passengers

2.5 million


RIOgaleão Record

85 thousand

passengers processed in a single day (August 22). Double the daily average