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Odebrecht TransPort's greatest asset is its employees, as they hold the technical and behavioral tools required to drive the Company’s sustainable growth. this philosophical conception is based on TEO (Odebrecht Entrepreneurial Technology), in which valuing human potential and the desire to grow through professional challenges and reaching new horizons personally and professionally are fundamental pillars.

In December 2016, Odebrecht TransPort and its companies employed 9,868 people (internal and outsourced team members), distributed as follows:

Number of Employees (2016)

By employment contract and job type*

Commitment to members


We pursue equality in the workplace, respect differences and foster inclusion. Our Compliance Policy does not permit any form of prejudice or discrimination be it in terms of race, color, religion, sexual preference, social class, marital status, physical disabilities or other personal features.

Despite growing in number in recent years, women are still a minority in all positions, occupying 23% of strategic leadership positions and 34% of tactical positions, which includes operational, technical and administrative positions.

Because of the nature of our business, the main difference occurs in operational and technical positions, 66% of which are held by men.


are men and



By position

Own team members by gender (2016)

Average wage (BRL)

There is a difference of approximately 26% between the average compensation of men and women.

Proportion of the salary between men and women by position (BRL)


Took maternity leave


Returned to work

89% of people taking maternity leave returned to work

People Development

Employees are the foundation driving the company’s growth. This is why the incentive for development via Education through and for Work is an essential condition for business progress. There are specific internal programs for young people and leaders.

Internship program and vacations internship

Odebrecht TransPort encourages its Companies to create opportunities for young students to put into practice what they learn at university and have professional experiences. 632 young people enrolled and 17 were selected for the RIOgaleão, Rota das Bandeiras and Embraport programs.

Young Partner

This program is implemented with Odebrecht Group to get graduates started in their careers. Young Partner (www.jovemparceiro.com.br) consists of two modules:

  • Introduction to Culture – provides young people with an overview of Odebrecht Group and encourages them to get to know, understand, incorporate and practice Odebrecht Entrepreneurial Technology. Three two-day meetings were attended by 10 participants.
  • Young Investor – presents multidisciplinary aspects of Odebrecht TransPort in the phases of achieving, delivering and operating our Assets. The 11 days of activities were attended by 21 people.

Leader Training program

Trains and coaches leaders in core leadership skills. This provides tools that can be used routinely to assess planning, obtain results and monitor teams. In 2016, 25 managers and coordinators attended the 72-hour program.

Career Development Program

As part of the Career Development Program, employees of the holding company Odebrecht TransPort participated in the application of the PI (Predictive Index) - a self-awareness tool used in the workplace to compile behavioral indicators.

In 2016 the companies of Odebrecht TransPort carried out 150 training sessions and lectures attended by 6,490 participants and entailing 684 hours dedicated to professional training.

Internal valuation


of new opportunities at the Odebrecht TransPort companies were sourced internally


Vacancies opened


Positions filled internally


The Best Companies in Brazil for People Management - Valor Econômico

Embraport - 5th position (in the category 501 to 1000 people)

10 Great Places to Work in Pernambuco

Rota do Atlântico – 7th place

Service Excellence

In order to ensure all train passengers in Rio have a pleasant experience, all 1,907 internal and outsourced team members of SuperVia who engage the public directly took park in training about attitude, approach, customer loyalty and problem management. 77 sessions took place, each lasting 4 hours.

RIOgaleão wants to inspire its passengers, and all employees are accordingly encouraged to put the Spirit of Serving into practice. In 2016, 167 leaders attended meetings to disseminate the company's mission and values, compliance and service standards. A further 71 employees directly engaging the public received training on customer relations methods. The lecture “Serving and Pleasing Customers” was seen by 1,400 people.

Performance Evaluation

Leaders and their subordinates plan and agree on yearly targets in an Action Program (PA). Performance is monitored over the period and if necessary new strategies are established. The reach of the results is checked annually. The PA is individual and used to determine variable compensation according to the performance of targets and compliance with company values.

This is the PAAJ cycle (Plan, Monitor, Evaluate and Judge) which in registered in Conceição, an internal on line system of Odebrecht TransPort.


Sharing experiences

Rota das Bandeiras held six seminars about administration, safety, organizational culture and behavioral matters.

Participation by


members of the administrative sector directly engaged in the operation.

Destaque Awards

An Odebrecht Group initiative to recognize and disseminate good practices among our Businesses, drawing on lessons learned by Employees. Presented annually since 1992, the award strengthens our corporate culture and encourages creativity, productivity, innovation and learning.

In 2016, Odebrecht TransPort received 31 entries for the awards from 111 Employees. A brand-building project at RIOgaleão to provide greater visibility to improvements at Tom Jobim International Airport ahead of Rio 2016 was awarded in the Reputation category.

CategoriesEntriesParticipating employees
Repurposing Knowledge310
Occupational Health and Safety39
Young Employees26
Community Engagement26

Internal Communications

Corporate communication channels with exclusive content inform and engage our Employees. Odebrecht TV is a corporate channel that is updated daily with news about Group Businesses and messages from the Odebrecht Business Technology department (TEO). Acesso, Odebrecht TransPort’s two-weekly electronic newsletter, provides guidance on best practices and articles authored by leadership. This newsletter reaches more than 2,800 readers. Average readership in 2016 was 436 readers per edition.

Digital channels such as blogs, intranet portals and social media groups are used to integrate teams working in geographically dispersed locations. Each of Rota das Bandeiras, Rota do Oeste, Rota dos Coqueiros, SuperVia and Embraport issues newsletters in print.


Encouraging our employees to volunteer for initiatives helps to strengthen engagement with communities and further instill our values. In 2016, Embraport organized 20 initiatives with the participation of 350 Employees, providing a total of around two thousand hours of volunteer work. Initiatives included collection of food donations, cleanup work, repairs at charitable organizations and assisting homeless people.

Labor Legislation

Odebrecht TransPort and its subsidiaries comply with the legislation in force in all jurisdictions where they operate. This includes ensuring freedom of association and providing certain benefits, some in addition to mandatory benefits.

Collective Agreements

Odebrecht TransPort respects the freedom of association, negotiation and unionization of employees and workers’ rights under collective bargaining agreements. Discrimination on the basis of union membership is not tolerated.

Odebrecht TransPort has collective bargaining agreements with the following unions:

  • Fenecrep – National Federation of Toll Road Employees.
  • Sindecrep (SP/PR) – Sindecrep (SP / PR) - São Paulo/ Paraná State Toll Road Workers’ Union
  • Sina – National Union of Airport Operator Employees
  • Arrumadores – Pernambuco State Port Warehouse and Longshore Workers’ Union
  • Sindage – Pernambuco State Warehouse Management Workers’ Union
  • Sindtrages – Espírito Santo State Union of Warehouse, Coffee Trading and Import and Export Company Employees and Self-Employed Workers
  • Rio de Janeiro Railway Workers’ Union

In 2016, 100% of Employees were covered by collective bargaining agreements


Odebrecht TransPort’s compensation policy is consistent with industry practices. Employees are entitled to meal and commuting benefits, life insurance, health and dental insurance, and profit-sharing bonuses.

All employees are encouraged to plan their retirement and career endings. Odebrecht Previdência (Odeprev), an Odebrecht Group company, runs a program called Bem pro Bolso to provide financial and retirement education. Information about the program is available at www.bemprobolso.com.br

As of December 2016, 1,170 Employees were members of the Odeprev defined-contribution pension plan, in which members, upon retirement, are paid benefits out of the amounts accrued in their accounts. Individual accounts accrue contributions by Employees ranging from 1% to 12% of their contribution salary, as well as contributions by the sponsor.